If you find it hard to study, read, stay focused or be creative –
The Tomatis Method offers you an effective and enjoyable way to overcome your difficulties without medication.


The Israel Tomatis center has been the official representative of the
Tomatis Method in Israel since April 2000.
The method was developed almost 60 years ago by Dr. Alfred Tomatis.
It is currently applied in hundreds of independent Tomatis centers worldwide,
as well as in medical and educational settings.
For more information about the Tomatis network and it's activities, please visit
the new official international Tomatis site.

The Israel Tomatis center is co-directed by experienced communication therapists, founding members of IARCTC.
(International Association of Registered Certified Tomatis Consultants). 

The Tomatis Method helps people who are coping with:

Attention and concentration disorder (ADD / ADHD) - 

Learning disabilities / Dyslexia  - 
Dyspraxia / Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)  - 
Speech and Language Delay - 
Developmental Delay  - 
Sensory Integration Disorder - 
Autistic Spectrum / PDD  - 
Asperger Syndrome  - 
    • Difficulties often encountered with adopted children


The method improves skills for:
  • Accelerating foreign language learning
  • Musicians

The method promotes well – being in:

  • Pregnant women

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